Power Air Fryer XL Reviews

Power Air Fryer Xl Reviews


Review of: Power Air Fryer XL

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Quality of build


Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Large capacity
  • Good taste
  • Healthy fried foods

What We Don't Like

  • Short warranty
  • Basket coating fades away
  • Average quality basket

Being the best friend for all the foodies out there, Power Air Fryer XL is loaded with modern design, advanced technology, and digital controls. Our team of Power Air Fryer XL reviews observes that the appliance can run with 800-1400w and gives you evenly cooked crisp foods.

This may be the best buy for you at the beginning of this year because you can easily operate the fryer, clean it in the dishwasher, and serve your family of 4 delectable dishes efficiently. Even if you forget things too quickly, the auto-shutoff option can save your money and reduce energy consumption.

Power Air Fryer XL boasts on presenting healthy dishes with no oil or 80% less fat than the food chain-bought junk foods. The appliance gives the consumers to grill, roast, bake, steam, or saute meals with the use of digital controls.

Power Air Fryer XL reviews notice that the device is rounded and shiny coming with a myriad of cooking features. Additionally, the machine with a built-in drawer can prepare two dishes while saving your time and money simultaneously.

Who is this Product for?

The sleek and small Power Air Fryer XL is the ultimate choice for any person who has been trying to stay healthy yet cannot live without steaks, sticks, or roasts. Any beginner can see him/herself turn into a professional with ease of using digital controls.

Even if you find difficulty in using a toaster oven or convection oven, you can use Power AirFryer XL easily and efficiently.

What’s Included?

Power Air Fryer XL reviews indicate that the product comes with a user manual guide and cookbook. The user manual guide instructs you on how to operate every cooking function and get a restaurant-like delicious taste at home.

Also, the cookbook has 27 recipes assisting you in preparing delectably grilled steaks or chicken wings at home. There is also an accessories kit that contains a pizza pan, baking insert, and cooking tongs.

Overview of Features

Power Air Fryer XL Review

Power Air Fryer XL indicates that the machine is not exactly for a small kitchen space because of its large dimension. This refers to one thing; you can fry a large portion of food at one go and it is up for multitasking as well.

It facilitates you in preparing pizzas, making pies, or frying fish and the cooking tongs help in getting rid of foods without undertaking much hassle. As this fryer is easy to use with the digital options, you can cook anything under a few minutes.

  • Temperature Control

You can regulate the temperature by using then thermometer button. When you push this button, you can select the temperature from 180 degrees to 400 degrees F.

  • Health Consciousness

The outside of Power Air Fryer XL is dehydrated and this factor leaves a crispy crust on the chips or fried fish. In addition to the context, when the Maillard Reaction initiates, the food gets a brown color due to the breaking down of protein and sugar.

Nevertheless, the fryer can cook the foods under a few minutes and you should remember that the outside of the food is cooked fast. The inner side takes time and the process is slow as the fibers get softened, proteins are denatured, and starches are gelatinized.

  • Preset Functions

There are 7 preset functions – chicken, shrimp, roast, french fries, bake, fish, and steak. The preset settings have a programmed temperature and timer.

  • Power Button

As you place the baskets in the main unit and you slot in properly, the power button will light up. This is your cue to get ready and see the ingredients get cooked quickly.

While pushing the power button, the default time (15 minutes) will be set at 370 degrees F. if you use the button again,

How to Use Power Air Fryer XL

To start using Power Air Fryer XL, get rid of wrapping, stickers, packaging, and tape, at first. Then you need to look for a surface resistant to heat and place the unit on it while plugging it to a nearby power outlet.

You can now put the frying basket in the external basket and put the cooking ingredients in the fry basket. Put the fry basket in the unit again and ensure that you have placed it in the right slot.

In case, the fryer does not start cooking, you will have to understand that the fry basket is not in the right place. Correcting the slot, you can push any of the presets and press the ‘M’ button.

However, you can also manually set the temperature and time and push the ‘Start’ button for starting the machine. If you have any problem to get hang of the functions, go through the user manual and remember to give the basket little shake while cooking.

In this way, the hot air circulates all over the unit and the dish is cooked evenly. When your cooking is done, you need to unplug the device and let it cool down before wiping and cleaning the washable parts.


Similar to the central design, Chef man Air Fryer is close to Power Air Fryer XL. According to Power Air Fryer XL reviews, these two models come with a pull-out basket resembling of the drawer style and this is exactly opposite to the oven-style rack.

However, Chef man is simpler than Power Air Fryer XL when it comes to features and it is equipped with dials instead of the digital display. Nonetheless, the former can be your choice only if you wish to consume healthy fried foods and not get the fun of other functions.

Final Verdict

In the market of a 3-year warranty or at least a 1-year warranty, a 60-day warranty of Power Air Fryer XL is a matter of concern. Especially, when the consumers are facing huge issues with the basket coating or poor quality of the basket, the limited warranty is problematic.

However, if you wish to binge on fried foods that are healthy at the same time, Power Air Fryer XL is what you need.

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