NuWave Air Fryer 3 QT Review

Nuwave Air Fryer Reviews


Review of: NuWave 3-QT

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Quality of build


Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Great controls
  • Extra racks for grilling and roasting
  • Replaceable nonstick drawer
  • Smooth frying experience

What We Don't Like

  • Noisy
  • Small capacity for a large family
  • Hard to clean trays

In the beginning, NuWave Air Fryer review found the unit to be noisier but gradually, the team fell in love with the advanced digital controls, evenly cooked fries, and baskets with large holes. Also, being under $100, the product offers strong performance for the long run.

Designed with LED options and temperature settings, NuWave promises properly cooked dishes while keeping the temperature consistent. It is an affordable choice because the brand believes in serving dishes with perfection.

If you have been trying to lead a healthy life and have fries at the same time, NuWave air fryer is the ultimate solution. It has been launched in March 2016 and since then; the appliance has gained positive reviews in the market.

NuWave air fryer review indicate that the non-stick removable basket is the healthiest way to prepare your evening snacks. And, the product is ETL-approved and has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Who is this Product for?

This air fryer is for someone wishing to stay healthy and bunging on scrumptious food at the same time. Generally, fried foods have a high level of cholesterol and fat that lead to serious heart condition and diabetes.

Not can only you stay healthy with this easy-to-operate air fryer but you can also huge on fuel and oil expense. The product is available under $100.

Even if you are always busy and have no time for cleaning, the crispy fry making machine is very easy to clean. Hence, this NuWave product keeps the fatty and greasy ingredients away making

What’s Included?

The package is covered with the features offered by NuWave and once you open it, you can notice a cookbook. NuWave air fryer reviews find that the cookbook is full of recipes along with instructions for operating the appliance.

There is also a detachable pan along with a basket full of holes. You can remove the basket from the pan for cleaning the oil and food residue.

Overview of Features

Nuwave Air Fryer Review

NuWave air fryer reviews acknowledge that this fryer comes with great controls and you can make chicken wings quickly. You can produce impressively cooked and crispy fries or wings consistently.

  • Extra Units

Now cooking in air fryer is not limited to fried food because the baking units are provided to make muffins or cupcakes. Additionally, NuWave has done a good job with adding the racks for grilling and roasting.

  • Baskets

In most of the fryers, it is not easy to figure out whether the basket is in the right place. There is an integrated cord wrap which cuts reduces the mess in the kitchen and alerts you when the basket is properly placed for cooking.

  • Cooking

The device comes with equal heat distribution where hot air works perfectly with the high-speed air circulation. You can regulate the temperature between 100F and 390F and use the touch-pad LED options for making sure the exact time and temperature.

  • Capacity

According to NuWave air fryer reviews, the appliance may take up a little space in your kitchen but it is more compact than a convection oven. This one has more capacity and fewer dimensions for perfectly accommodating on the kitchen top.

  • Safety

The unit comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and it has auto shut down feature on the completion of cooking. NuWave air fryer reviews indicate that the foot of the product is resistant to skidding.

  • Maintenance

NuWave does not meet user’s convenience when it comes to cleaning. Generally, the fryers which present evenly foods come with thick baskets made of metal.

Also, the metal baskets have large holes. This makes the wire basket harder to clean. Even after struggling to scrap the residue, the residue was there.

You have to soak the basket in water to get the best result.

  • Noise

NuWave air fryer reviewers recommend the unit for its equal heat distribution; however, the noise can be bothering for many. Usually, the deep fryers seem to be pretty loud but high noise level of NuWave can be shocking to the consumers.

How to Clean Nuwave Air Fryer

Cleaning is essential after using NuWave air fryer 3-QT because the food may stick to the pan. All you need to do is to soak the pan in a solution of water and soap for softening the hardened food.

The basket, pan, racks, and tray are washable and dishwasher-proof. Even if you do not own a dishwasher, you can hand wash and dry the parts.

After cleaning it with soapy water, you can take a damp cloth for getting rid of the residue manually. Of course, remember to wipe the inside after every use.

In case, you break or lose any of the parts or the basket, you can contact the brand for providing you with an accessories kit.


According to NuWave air fryer reviews, the small capacity of NuWave has become a major issue for people with a family of 4 or more. Also, the noise factor can bother many of the consumers while using.

In this context, Bella Air Convection may be a good choice because it is cheaper than NuWave air fryer and its basket can be washed in a dishwasher. You do not need to give any intense scrubbing for this one; however, you need to shake the basket for getting evenly cooked food.

However, if want to get the best, Secura SAF-40 can be a good alternative for you. This one produces a low level of noise and is very easy to clean.

Final Verdict

The product has grabbed many positive reviews lately and NuWave air fryer review suggest the same due to the quality and performance of the unit. There is still a room for improvement with the issue or tray cleaning issue but the generations of NuWave promise a bright future to all trying to lead a healthy life.

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