Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer: Who will be the Ultimate Winner?

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

Fried foods can comfort you in inexplicable ways; deep fried chicken, deep fried fish, and tempura are only a few mouthwatering dishes to name. This reason has now given birth to the never-ending debate on air fryer vs deep fryer and which one is a better choice.

If you buy the air fryer, you can get healthier food but the air fryer cannot leave the delicious taste like a deep fryer. Both of them have pros and cons on their side and this write-up further suggests whether you should opt for deep fryer or air fryer.

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer: Comparison

Air fryer meets people’s convenience with its easy-to-operate and simple-touch controls. It comes with an auto shut down option when you forget to shut down it manually.

Deep fryers also come with user-friendly options, digital screens, and customizable temperatures just like the air fryer. However, the former leaves the consumers with the pain of unpleasant aroma or the overcooking.

To start with which one is a better choice for concluding the discussion on air fryer vs deep fryer, take a look at the next section.

Healthy Option

A deep fryer is never a healthy option because the mouth-watering dishes are filled with a huge amount of calories. This type of fryers operates on oil which adds more calories and the foods are submerged into a massive amount of oils.

The air fryer requires oil as well but it can work with a small amount of oil. When the appliance initiates the hot air circulation, the top part of the food is cooked.

Many of the deep fryer brands now utilize Rapid Air Technology that can rely on the heat more than oil. Moreover, advanced fryers can only use 70% less oil than regular ones.

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

While going over air fryer vs deep fryer, the former does not use oil for cooking raw meat and the fat content remains less after cooking. Deep fryer offers tender and moist texture but the air fryer leaves a slight, crispy skin.


If you are using a deep fryer, you need to stand before the hot oil for cooking. On the other hand, air fryer is safer to use because it is covered at the time of cooking.

Deep fryer is riskier to use because many people have got scalded due to the hot oil. Moreover, for the air fryer, you can fix the time and temperature as per your taste but the possibility of burning food is less.

Clean up and Maintenance

The air fryers are designed in a way that you can easily clean them and even put them in the dishwasher. As the inside of the fryer is generally covered with toxic and non-toxic residues, you can put the basket, accessories, and racks in a dishwasher.

Then you can use a damp cloth to clean it. However, removing oil from the deep fryer can be a matter of a headache because you cannot put it in the sink.

In this context, a manual washing by soap, soft cloth, and water can be helpful. Then you need to rinse the appliance completely for getting rid of the grease and make sure there is no trace of oil.

You can only put the basket for deep frying in the washer. Therefore, in this part of air fryer vs deep fryer, the former clearly wins.

Time and Capacity

Time is a factor in choosing the winner of air fryer vs deep fryer and deep fryer is faster than the air fryer when it comes to frying. Air frying machine slowly cooks the food because the hot oil does not transform quickly.

For example, frozen potato wedges are cooked in the deep fryer within a few minutes but the air fryer takes around 15 minutes to cook. For reheating food, a deep fryer is out of the question because it cannot be a practical choice – given the amount of cleanliness and oil it requires.

Also, if you are only frying a small portion of food, air fryer is a more practical and convenient choice. As for the deep fryer, you need heat a pot full of oil and then the cleaning can be messy.

Price Range

Whether you are buying an appliance, you should always fix your budget beforehand. A deep fryer usually costs between $50 and $100 but the air fryers vary between $100 and $200.

Due to the use of Rapid Air Technology in air fryer, this electronic device remains one of the efficient ways of cooking. Considering the higher price, the deep fryers are not geared up with a display screen, customizable settings, or alarms.

Air vs Deep Fryer: Ultimate Choice

The hot air frying machine is equipped with various digital features and settings with which you can control the timer, pressure of food, and timer. Some of the air-fryers require preheating just like the deep fryers need to be preheated with oil beforehand.

However, the deep fryer gives you super delicious comfort foods and vegetable antioxidants which are good for health. Again, if you choose to cook in the wrong oil, there will be a high risk of obesity and heart disease.

The turning points of the air fryer are the use of less oil, energy-efficiency, portability, and safety. Also, this type of cooking appliance is healthier and very easy to clean up.

Needless to say, air fryer is the ultimate winner of the discussion on air fryer vs deep fryer.


In the discussion on air fryer vs dry fryer, the former earns more points for presenting an irreplaceable taste. However, the air fryer leaves it behind by many features.

Since the rate of obesity and heart diseases are only growing, it is better to go with air fryer because of the use of small oil, thin crispiness, and advanced digital controls. However, before going to buy one, always check the capacity, size, wattage, cooking styles, and cooking settings.

Even if the air fryers cost a little bit more than the deep fryers, you should not compromise on a healthy alternative.

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