Air Fryer vs Convection Oven

Air Fryer vs Convection Oven

Before the novice eyes, convection oven and air fryer are similar through which you can prepare or warm food. However, the conventions are preferred for baking and the air fryers surprise the consumers with their versatility.

Even though two of these kitchen essentials appear to be similar and doing the same job, the principle of hot air circulation has segregated them. In order to know more about the much-talked debate, air fryer vs convection oven, go through the upcoming part.

Concept of Convection

Convection ovens are a great choice for baking cakes or preparing souffle. As the air circulated in the device becomes harsh on the surface of the baked goods, the collapse eventually.

The heating element of the ovens is wire coils placed at the bottom and on the top of the oven. It gets hot when the current flow starts and then the flow becomes slow while emitting heat.

As the heat goes up, the back fan of the oven blows air around only to keep the consistency in temperature.

Concept of Air Fryer

Upon exploring our topic of air fryer vs convection oven, it must be mentioned that the air fryers can circulate the heat faster than the regular convection. The former is a better choice for baked goods because the heat is blown surrounding the food in a direct way.

An air fryer more focuses on the top part of the food and the fan pulls up the heat indirectly. The heat intensity leaves the food crispy from outside and extracts the oil from the food at the time of cooking.

In addition to the context, air fryers are easier to clean and they have a non-stick pan that can take only a few minutes to clean. Also, needful mobility is found in the air fryer.

Air Fryer vs Convection Oven: Differences

The air fryer and convection over very similar in numerous ways but for air fryer vs convection oven, we must look past the same characteristics and probe into the different features. Convection ovens are large in size and appropriate for the big meals or dishes and give you ample space for cooking.

The dishes never go uncooked because of the airflow reaching to the very core of the food. Now the air fryers come with timer and temperature control opening a path for experimenting with a range of dishes.


Air Fryer vs Convection Oven

The air fryers and convection ovens give out the same outcome and can heat the food quickly. They may cause Maillard Reaction where you can notice brown and crunchy texture on top of the ingredients.

As previously mentioned, the convection ovens can accommodate a large batch at one go but air fryers limit your serving capacity. Generally, the fryers are available between 1.6 quarts and 8 quarts and an air fryer of 8 quarts can easily suffice a large family of 4 or more.

Needless to say, the convection ovens are designed to prepare a whole chicken without cutting it into pieces or a whole 12-inch pizza. The air fryers cannot give you a 12-inch pizza and you will have to use small meat cuts for a small sized fryer.

Therefore, the convection oven is clearly the winner for providing a large area and saving your effort for putting food into the oven in small batches like the air fryer.

Ease of Use

In the discussion on air fryer vs convection oven, the former ensures a smooth cooking experience. At the time of using the fryer, you need to fix the time and temperature and then stir or flip the food as per your requirement.

Being 25% faster than the conventional oven, the convection ovens may take a long time to cook the food evenly. Also, there is only a limited range of recipes to follow and the air fryer gives you freedom in this context.

In terms of controls, the air fryers are available in digital and manual but temperature and timer are their two prime features. Of course, there are many models with preset functions that let you have perfectly cooked fries or any other dishes.

On the contrary, the controls in a convection oven can be confusing and flipping food is not an option, unlike the fryer. Also, the exterior of the oven becomes hot but the fryers are designed with plastic for keeping the device cool.


The convection ovens are available under $150 but they are not the typical convection ovens because they serve more as the toaster cum convection ovens. These ones come with a built-in fan and heating element and the convection cum toaster ovens are smaller in size than the traditional convection ovens.

However, you can go for the countertop convection ovens which may cost you more than $200. And, to find out the winner of air fryer vs convection oven, the air fryer steals the show for being cheaper.

The fryers with rapid air technology, digital display, and adjustable temperature are now available under $100. In addition to the context, the range of the fryers varies between $89 and $299.

You can get a small air fryer under $100 and an average fryer with modern features should not cost you more than $150.


Now you can understand the air fryers and convection ovens are primarily used for the hot air circulation and it makes a brilliant choice for not using much oil. The fryers have a pan at the bottom for extracting additional oil and leave the foods crunchy and crispy.

In terms of effectiveness, air fryer becomes the winner of overall air fryer vs convection oven because it is faster for the rapid air technology. Yes, the convection oven has large capacity but you can walk away while putting something into the air fryer basket.

However, before picking out the one, consider your purpose and what you are looking for the kitchen appliance. If the convection oven meets your serving capacity or the air fryer caters to your valuable time, go with the right one accordingly.

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